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UNDERTOWN, hot off the presses for 2016. Featuring "Hindenburg", "Undertone" and "Cross The River" and the musical talents of Craig Benson, Patrick Bettison, Rebecca Zapen and Joe Porter. Take a ride through the night in a stolen rickshaw, through the backstreets of the soul. Climb into your vehicle of choice - A '57 convertible, a goat drawn chariot, a glistening dirigible, V.W. van or a flying saucer. Shoot your way through the beckoning night. You can't make out much beyond your headlights or flaming eye or whatever it is that's revealing the small, lighted path before you. Whether it's lines in the highway or the tops of buildings, there is much more you can't see than you can. The denizens of the dark, the truth from the fiction, the hidden motivations, the secret places and the beings that turn the wheels from their den in the shadows - from the inside. It's not happening out in the daylight. It's not happening under the Big Top. It's not happening before your eyes but behind them or beyond them. Ride long enough and you'll see the forgotten and the fragmented. The hiders and the go-seekers. You may find the metaphorical socks and who snitched them from the dryer. You may find yourself in Undertown..​released December 2, 2015 Comes in a four-panel eco-wallet, with original art and a matte finish. Wrapped in cellophane for that new cardboard smell. Side effects may include increased alien abductions, prophetic dreams and heliophobia. "Adams shakes the playing field with multi-instrumental prowess and composing swagger. He is equally adept at lyrical gems and unafraid of ruffling some feathers" - Pure Pop Radio "Every track is thick and resounding, presenting melodies that are restless in their own existence, much like their author." - Frank Cotolo

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