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Back in August of 2923, the island of Maui experienced devastating wildfires that tore through the entire island destroying so much property, forest and also took some lives. It was a terrible tragedy. At the end of October, my friend and musical genius Lisa Mychols contacted me with this short note: "Hi Kirk! I hope you are well and wonderful! I'm reaching out because a friend of mine is putting together an Artists for Maui project and asking for original songs from artists and bands who might want to contribute to the cause to help the victims of the recent fires there....and it will also help Michael McCartney (of The Time Machine radio show in Maui and his campaign). I'm sorry for the short notice. Here is the group page and the person in charge is Eddie Finley." I of course said yes and since there wasn't much time to compose and record something in time for the December 1 release, I perused the songs I had been working on and found that a new one, "Hold Out, Hold On" seemed pretty appropriate! I was a bit concerned as it's sort of a ballad whereas most of the artists on the compilation belonged to the Indie-Power Pop community. Well, I finished up the recording enlisting my friend Patrick Bettison, who added tasty piano and a string arrangement. It was very humbling to be included on this album with so many great artists. If you're reading this, I hope you'll have a listen to the song and peruse the entire compilation. Every little bit helps.


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