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Wild Hare is sort of a collection of comfort music.

These songs started coming to me back when the lockdown for Covid began and I think my mind and creative consciousness was venturing back into the familiar sounds of my childhood - acoustic laden AM radio classics - as a way to fend off the uncertainty and gloom. I think it harkens back to the sort of soundscapes you might have absorbed as a young'un while maybe recuperating from a long day of running in the grass or playing 'hide & seek' at twilight, melodies echoing from another room, almost heard as you drift away.

Some of these tunes are genuinely meant to be uplifting songs, and others are hopefully cathartic in their expressions of sadness and loss. Though they suffer from the unavoidable transference from the underworld to the waking world and an imperfect vessel to transfer them, they benefit from the collaboration of a few of my amazing musician friends lending their considerable talents to the recordings.

I have felt as though this collection was sort of meant to be enjoyed in the background, frankly. Just put on and let 'em play, to be absorbed and not scrutinized. Let these songs haunt your room. (WILD HARE was officially released JULY 15th 2022) Ed Woltil - Backing Vocals 01, 05, 09

Shankh Lahiri - Tablas, Voice 03

Rob Pastore - Pedal Steel 05

David Cotten - Saxophones 07

Kirk Adams - Guitars, Drums, Keys, Vocals

Artwork/Design - Kaleigh Baker

Mastered by George Harris at Creative World

Produced and recorded by Kirk Adams at Mystic Orb


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