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GREAT night at The Palladium Side Door show with my pal Ed Woltil and my stellar comrades Matt Walker, John Holt III, Joseph Interrante and our special guest Rob Pastore. SO much fun seeing all my peeps and meeting lots of new peeps! Here are some of my fav captures from the night snatched from videos and out-right pilfered from audience member's Facebook/Instagram posts. Thanks for getting these moments and thanks to everybody that came down and made it a very special evening. Cheers my friends!

Ed got up and sang harmony on a few tunes with us and I joined him for "Algebra", "Make Me" and "If The Sun Forgets To Shine" in his set. Mr. Woltil and his bandmates were absolutely top-notch and they put on a fantastic show. Afterwards we enjoyed a bit of an encore jam with "And Your Bird Can Sing", "Handle With Care", "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding" and "Don't Let Me Down". Here's our set list for the show: Time For The Show Love A Lie Business As Usual My Eyes Are Getting Used To The Dark Lost Soul Following A Fallen Star Love Comes In Waves Cross The River Hindenburg


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