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It was quite a pleasant surprise getting a call from esteemed music critic and journalist Eric Snider. Turns out he'd been hanging out with my friend and fellow songwriter Ed Woltil (Ditchflowers) who was kind enough to suggest that Eric check out my tune "Here & Now". Well, I guess that got him curious how he hadn't been aware of me as an artist in the area. So, next thing you know we're having a friendly beer and chatting about classic pop music, growing up, Steve Connelly's UFO encounter and other pleasantries. The next night he came down and took in my show at the Hideaway Cafe where the aforementioned Mr. Connelly (Headlights) was our guest guitar god. It seemed he really enjoyed the evening and later we had a phone chat and discussed surviving the pandemic, playing live and songwriting along with the obligatory dive into the past: my musical family, influences, past bands, Scotland and moving to St. Pete. Talking with Eric was fun and relaxed. Definitely felt more like just a jocular conversation and a back and forth that included Eric sharing many cool and interesting anecdotes. Later he called with a few follow up questions and a little fact checking which I really appreciated. Anyhow, here you are on the Kirk Adams website, so you might want to check out the article below: ST. PETE SONGWRITER RETURNS TO LIVE MUSIC...


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