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I met the remarkable Ed Woltil a few years back and we immediately hit it off. I was aware of him initially, hearing about him through the grapevine, as a savvy tunesmith and someone I should definitely check out. I had heard his name connected with local, highly respected original bands like the Ditchflowers and the Headlights. We'd been enjoying a fairly regular coffee hang where we chatted about many things, one of which was pooling a few songs together and record an album. A few months back, Ed contacted me about opening a show for him at the Palladium Side Door venue. I had always wanted to play that room, renowned for it's great sound and intimate setting within the refurbished Church in downtown St. Petersburg, built in 1925 in the Romanesque Revivalist style. I immediately answered in the affirmative. Also, it was a free ticket to hear Ed and his terrific band! The week of the show I was contacted by the illustrious journalist/author Bill DeYoung for a brief interview to promote the show. Here is the link to the St. Pete Catalyst article with the beautifully alliterative title Pinellas Popsmiths Perform At Palladium! Looking forward to the show. My bandmates will be Matt Walker on guitar, John Holt III on bass and Joey Interrante on drums.


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