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I'm a little late in reporting this nugget of news but my 2020 single "Here & Now" was kindly included in a 3 CD collection Best Power Pop of 2020. I was contacted by Bruce Brodeen, the creator and curator of Pop Geek Heaven, a one-stop website for all things Power Pop, and he asked me about including my tune in the set. I was of course thrilled and enthusiastically agreed and sent along a fat file of the song. Bruce started the legendary indie-pop label Not Lame Recordings back in 1994 featuring releases from Jellyfish, Terrence Anderson (Klaatu), Dwight Twilley and other power pop cult royalty. In 2010, Bruce shut down Not Lame and began Pop Geek Heaven a multi-faceted online presence for his musical endeavors. The website also includes reviews by the mighty Mike Baron. "Here & Now" must be the most mellow offering in the collection but I guess the Lennon-esque melody and Andrea Perry's McCartney infused bass line helped it make the cut! It's a great selection for lovers of classic pop melodies with that special jangly edge. Check it out. Pop Geek Heaven Best Power Pop of 2022 - 3 CDs


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