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When I wrote "Here & Now" I knew I wanted to do a little something special for it. This seemingly philosophical song needed a little something sparkly in the production area and I contacted my talented friend and one time Pop 4 band mate, the amazing Andrea Perry to have a listen and see if she would be interested in producing the track. I was so pleased when she agreed! Not long after, I received her beautiful work in my Dropbox. Her melodious bass and sweeping, stringy synths brought striking depth to the song and some clever, ear-grabbing production techniques really made it stand out. I was thrilled!

Next, I contacted a terrific artist from New York, Kirsten Ulve. I was in love with her stunning use of color and composition and wanted her to create a moody masterpiece just for the song. Using a blue palette with a hint of purple and a line from the song, she created the beautiful artwork you see above. I feel that she captured so much of the song and accentuated the mystical side of the music. She's a gifted illustrator whose designs have graced magazines like The New Yorker, Vogue Japan and InStyle. You can buy her work at the Guggenheim Museum for crying out loud! You can check her artistry out here.


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