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THIS MEANS EVERYTHING was the Album of the Week on ConRadio, a weekly internet radio show and podcast hosted by Conrad Callan. We had a nice interview and shared a bunch of songs from the album. Conrad has been playing great music on his station for 7 years and showcases a lot of Indie, and DIY artists from around the globe. His broadcasts stream from County Kerry, Ireland every Wednesday 9pm Irish/UK Time, 4pm USA East Coast Time and 1pm USA West Coast Time. There's always quite a busy chat room filled with music lovers and musicians from all over who really enjoy supporting one another and relish the opportunity to hear new music and meet new people. I certainly appreciated the kind words and general jovial feelings everyone shared with one another through the evening. A decidedly positive experience. The interview we conducted over Zoom was about a half an hour, chatting away about songwriting and the inspiration for the featured songs "Weather Vane", "How Black Is The Night", "This Means Everything", "Room Where May Cried", "Two And A Half Minutes To Midnight" and "Animal". We also couldn't miss out on talking about the pandemic, live performances and my upcoming book of poetry (haha). You can listen to the whole show here: CONRADIO 02 June 2021 Tune into the show on Wednesdays: CONRADIO And Follow on ye auld FACEBOOK Time well spent!


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