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Getting to speak with Ed Woltil (Ditchflowers) and Stefan Scheuermann (Mercy McCoy) on their Song Diver podcast was such a joy. Available on iTunes, Spotify and their website. Song Divers is all about songwriters and songwriting. These two fantastic songwriters know what they are talking about and do a great interview.

We chatted about growing up in music, influences and most enjoyably about the sources of inspiration. We talked about the therapeutic effects of songwriting and the ongoing questions about what comes first: title, lyrics or music. Some really fun discussions about the nuts and bolts of creativity itself. Along the way, we visit one of my earliest tunes (a love song to Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's) and I perform "Lost Soul", "My Eyes Are Getting Used To The Dark" and "Business As Usual", also a few verses of "Drawn To You" to illustrate a songwriting observation.

Kirk Adams, singing in the Song Divers Studio.
Singing in the Song Divers Studio.

My ego gets a deep tissue massage with references given and comparisons made to Elvis Costello, Chris Isaac, Warren Zevon, Tom Waits and Mark Knopfler. I'm certainly not complaining.

Yes, if you can bare listening to my gobble-gobble turkey voice, it's a pretty fun conversation. You can definitely tell when the delicious coffee takes a hold.

I really appreciate Ed and Stefan having me on and being such gracious hosts, clever and insightful conversationalists and a generally fun hang. Hope you'll have a listen.

Ed Woltil and Stefan Scheuermann
Gracious hosts, Ed and Stefan.

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