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Nite Owls Boogaloo and Bottle Club - Design Neil Paterson

For years, folks who have been kind enough to come out to see a live show have been "rewarded" with the occasional, often tequila inspired, ad-libbed song or mad cap instrumental. "Mexican Wrestler" was one such creation which sprung from a fleeting funny idea, which surprisingly, I continued to get asked for. So, I spent a little time polishing the lyrics and educating myself about luchador maneuvers like the Flying Moonsault and the Frankensteiner, and it became one of my most popular live songs (and probably most covered tune).

A few other selections on this album were also birthed in such fertile yet sometimes unforgiving soil. Some of the others in this compilation were songs with simple enough arrangements that lent themselves to just jamming on the spot. They contained in their musical genes the DNA to become mainstays in my shows. I should say "our shows" because they were very much forged into being by the band mates I worked with.

A song I wrote when I was 17, an Appalachian folk song turned neo-swamp punk, a disgruntled political rant and a late night inspired blues riff, along with the polished up ad-libs of free-form composition, all came together in our live shows to become staples of my repertoire and now have been collected, after many requests for recordings.

So, if you've been to a show, I hope this'll help bring back some of the fun. If you haven't, it'll give you an idea of what it's like. So raise up your drinks, life is good, life is short so let's have a good time! "Unbelievable!" TRACK LISTING

1. Mexican Wrestler

2. Every Little Look

3. Drawn To You

4. Alien Implant

5. I Heard The Black Bird

6. Tequila Worm

7. Above The Dark Water

8. Down Below

Kirk Adams - guitar, organ and vocals

Tommy Bell - drums, wrestler choir

Craig Benson - congas, cowbell

Patrick Bettison - bass, e. piano, wrestler choir

Gale Trippsmith - backing vocals

Steve Vitale - bass

All songs by Kirk Adams © 2018

Recorded at Creative World Recording

with George Harris with additional

recording at Mystic Orb.

Mastered at Big 3 Studios

by Jim "Pinky" Beeman

Art Design by Neil Paterson Design

Available NOV. 2018

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