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One again I've been lucky enough to be enlisted to sing on a new song for Tacoma songsmith Jayson Jarmon and his group Vanilla, made up of himself, Sean Gaffney, Dana Sims and Kord Taylor. Occasionally, these fellows will invite a guest singer into the mix. Back in 2015 I was thrilled to be asked to sing and play guitar on a few tunes for their second record Vanilla 2.0: album opener "Victim Of The Rhyme" , the spooky pop opus "Twilight" and the playful, Brit/Country of "Catherine The Grating". Always lavishly (and lovingly) produced, Vanilla conjures the spirits of the best of intelligent pop of the 60's, 70's and 80's.

In the 90's Jayson was in a fantastic band called Liars Club which you should also check out when you have a chance. Mr. Jarmon is one of the lead curators for Charlatan Records, specializing in obscure and select Washington based bands like the mysterious chanteuse Cherry Parkes and "post-grunge rock monsters" Bleech King. This latest tune for the new album "Mystik Knights Of Takoma" is called "Let's Call It A Day". It's a 3/4 pop ballad with classic sensibilities, like say Crowded House or The Beatles, but still uniquely Vanilla. And dig the fantastic string arrangement provided by the illustrious Paul Hansen of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra . Enjoy!

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