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Presented for your approval, eight songs lost among the back alleys of "Undertown". Outtakes, if you will, making their way into the halo of a street light like an understudy taking center stage. Experiments in style, lyrical content and atmosphere. Pull up a stack of tomorrows newspapers and have a seat. Quirky, experimental in places and certainly flawed, but you might find something to like. Check it out when you can, and go ahead and download them for FREE!

POISONOUS TRUTH Hanging with the Skulls at closing time... jealousy, lust and terrible, poisonous truths. Romeo and Juliet with neon foot lights and a full moon spotlight. HEAD 4 SUNSHINE Some people live in the sunshine no matter how dark it gets. Others are followed by a shadow wherever they go... LOSE YOUR MEMORY Here we have a woozy walk on the wild side. When that certain someone won't get out of your heart and soul, drowning in temptation feels like an answer. WRONG SIDE OF THE WRECKING BALL The lights have gone out in the Tunnel Of Love and you're just going to have to wade out. Alone. FEEDING TIME Late night predators, all around. A cautionary tale of the wee hours and a character study of the desperate. MAKE A MOVE Just before dawn the cherubim may favor us with a moment of clarity. Will we heed the call? The call to keep on truckin'? LOVE'S LOOKING FOR YOU A remix of a song I released for a charity project. Hope springs eternal. I suppose... THE WORLD IS FULL OF HOLES A groovy meditation on impermanence. Couldn't leave you on too much of an up note... Bongo's, guitar feedback, resonator guitar groove with a beat.

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