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Kirk Adams, member in sterling standing of esteemed music corporations Pop 4 and Vanilla, plies his trade and fans his wares on this eclectically seasoned collection of solo songs. Whether gently considering the course of a relationship in the lovely “Together Alone” or trying to fit in the world in the power pop bopper “Flying Cars,” Adams shakes the playing field with multi-instrumental prowess and composing swagger. He is equally adept at lyrical gems and unafraid of ruffling some feathers: “The stars would shine/The Beatles’ number 9/ Gave me the creeps/Every time,” he recounts rather cleverly in “Flying Cars.” Some musicians just have the inevitable "it", if it is apparent that they were always heading toward long playing excellence, which Adams clearly was and continues to be. Undertown is a tremendous musical achievement, seasoned and full of life and oh so alive. Alan Haber, Pure Pop Radio Get the CD or Digital Download: Kirk Adams - Bandcamp

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