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"Dear Kirk, I was given a copy of your album 'Little Elevator' and found it to be very good indeed, you have some great ideas and the record sounds varied and interesting. I write purely to encourage you to keep doing what you are already doing well and to congratulate you on completing your record as I know how difficult the process is. Well done. Yours, Michael Marra" It was very inspiring to receive this kind email from the immensely talented songwriter, Michael Marra. My friend Brian Harris had passed a CD along to Mr. Marra after one of his shows. Without prodding, he sent me the lovely correspondence above. Later he also encouraged me to send a copy to Stuart Cruickshanks, a producer BBC Radio Scotland, which led to some airplay for the song "Lost Soul". I'm so impressed by established artists support of lesser or unknown artists. It reveals their beautiful souls. If you're unfamiliar with Michael Marra's unique and engaging music, I hope you'll check it out.

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