September 16, 2019

Getting to speak with Ed Woltil(Ditchflowers) and Stefan Scheuermann (Mercy McCoy)  on their Song Diver podcast was such a joy. Available on iTunes, Spotify and their website. Song Divers is all about songwriters and songwriting. These two fantastic songwriters know what they are talking about and do a great interview. 

We chatted about growing up in music, influences and most enjoyably about the sources of inspiration, therapeutic songwriting and the ongoing questions about what comes first: title, lyrics or music. Definitely spent some time talking about the nuts and bolts of creativity. We visit one of my earliest tunes (a love song to Jane Weidlan of the G...

August 6, 2019

I was quite delighted to get a message from local luminary, music journalist and author Bill DeYoung a few weeks back. He asked if I'd be up for an interview to be published on the excellent local news aggregate site St. Pete Catalyst which accurately touts itself as "curating the sparks that propel the St Pete engine". He has interviewed a lot of my musical favorites from Neil Finn, Art Garfunkle, Benmont Tench and Stan Lynch, Davy Jones and Peter Tork, and the list goes on.

More recently I had enjoyed his interviews with some tremendous talents closer to home: Rebekah Pulley, TC Carr and Jeremy Douglas. I was nervous and excited. Nervous because I don't fee...

November 29, 2018

Alan Haber of Pure Pop Radio has included NITE OWLS BOOGALOO AND BOTTLE CLUB in his Christmas gift round up of indie pop records. 

"In the four-on-the-floor, guitar-driven “Mexican Wrestler,” a guy’s love gets scooped up by someone stronger than he. The rollicking Bakersfield-inspired Los Straitjackets-meets-Nick-Lowe rocker “Every Little Look” recalls the best of Walter Clevenger. The bluesy, Lennonesque love-song-at-all-costs “Drawn to You” features a great, emotional vocal from Adams."

You can read the rest of the review at the link below and check out some of his other gift selections.

"These Gifts Are Easy To Wrap"

October 25, 2018

For years, folks who have been kind enough to come out to see a live show have been "rewarded" with the occasional, often tequila inspired, ad-libbed song or mad cap instrumental. "Mexican Wrestler" was one such creation which sprung from a fleeting funny idea, which surprisingly, I continued to get asked for.  So, I spent a little time polishing the lyrics and educating myself about luchador maneuvers like the Flying Moonsault and the Frankensteiner, and it became one of my most popular live songs (and probably most covered tune).

A few other selections on this album were also birthed in such fertile yet sometimes unforgiving soil. Some of the others in this c...

May 19, 2018

Back in April, the unstoppable  pop master, KC Bowman released a 20 song album/tour de force entitled Get Passive under the moniker of Fireproof Sam and the Network All-Stars. Nestled among the quirky, catchy, melodious, jangling masterpieces you'll find me doing my best Elliot Easton impression on the tune Rev Nine also featuring Pop 4 family members Andrea Perry, on the beautifully counter melodic bass and Scott McPherson doubling the vocals and adding harmonies to tremendous effect. Also, it must be noted, the powerful Ian Lee provides the cracking drums.

It's always an honor to be in the mix with these talented musicians and KC has made a fantastic album...

November 17, 2017

One again I've been lucky enough to be enlisted to sing on a new song for Tacoma songsmith Jayson Jarmon and his group Vanilla, made up of himself, Sean Gaffney, Dana Sims and Kord Taylor. Occasionally, these fellows will invite a guest singer into the mix. Back in 2015 I was thrilled to be asked to sing and play guitar on a few tunes for their second record Vanilla 2.0: album opener "Victim Of The Rhyme", the spooky pop opus "Twilight" and the playful, Brit/Country of "Catherine The Grating". Always lavishly (and lovingly) produced, Vanilla conjures the spirits of the best of intelligent pop of the 60's, 70's and 80's.

In the 90's Jayson was in a fantastic b...

April 14, 2017

Presented for your approval, eight songs lost among the back alleys of "Undertown". Outtakes, if you will, making their way into the halo of a street light like an understudy taking center stage. Experiments in style, lyrical content and atmosphere. Pull up a stack of tomorrows newspapers and have a seat.

Quirky, experimental in places and certainly flawed, but you might find something to like. Check it out when you can, and go ahead and download them for FREE!

Hanging with the Skulls at closing time... jealousy, lust and terrible, poisonous truths. Romeo and Juliet with neon foot lights and...

January 3, 2017

Well, I'll be darned! Very pleased to be included among so many fantastic artists in this years "Best Of" list presented by David Bash of the renowned International Pop Overthrow. Check out all the lists here: International Pop Overthrow  In the Top 125 Contemporary catagory. Thanks Mr. Bash!

March 2, 2016

Q. Congratulations on new album release. I think that there is the person who knew you in Pop 4. So I would like simple self-introduction.

Hello. Music has always been my form of expression from a very early age. I've been playing music for many years in various situations, but have always enjoyed writing and recording music the most. I grew up with older siblings who played many of the British Invasion bands, The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones and I loved the New Wave bands of the 70's, The Police, The Cars, XTC, Elvis Costello. As I began to mature as a songwriter, many of the qualities of these bands influenced my writing. These days the influences a...

February 2, 2016

Kirk Adams, member in sterling standing of esteemed music corporations Pop 4 and Vanilla, plies his trade and fans his wares on this eclectically seasoned collection of solo songs.

Whether gently considering the course of a relationship in the lovely “Together Alone” or trying to fit in the world in the power pop bopper “Flying Cars,” Adams shakes the playing field with multi-instrumental prowess and composing swagger.
He is equally adept at lyrical gems and unafraid of ruffling some feathers: “The stars would shine/The Beatles’ number 9/ Gave me the creeps/Every time,” he recounts rather cleverly in “Flying Cars.” Some musicians just have the inevitable "it"...

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